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A special form of motor tourism is caravan tourism (often referred to as recreational vehicle (RV) tourism. It is characterised by the fact that the food and accommodation basis for tourists is their caravan.
The campsite base is an integral part of caravan camping and is the basic resting place where caravan tourism is hosted and we have beautiful caravan parks in Australia.

Caravan tourism is also associated with the need to master the ability to use tourist equipment (undoubtedly a camping vehicle) and various camping techniques. In addition to the knowledge of traffic rules and regulations, those travelling by car with a caravan or motorhome must demonstrate their ability to drive in conditions other than the environment in which they usually move. So to travel with a caravan you need to know state rules whether you eligible like

  • The caravan must be roadworthy.
  • The caravan must be registered.
  • Nothing can be towed behind the caravan.
  • No one can travel inside the caravan.
  • The tow bar must not hide the car’s number plate once the caravan has been disconnected.

To know more please talk to your dealer

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  • You have to fill the van requirement and design form
  • Dealer will quote you the price according to your requirement.
  • 10 % of the total amount is collected to start building your van
  • Build your van in suitable manufacturing units
  • The caravan will be delivered 14 days to two months after the confirmation of the order
  • The van will be delivered with a temporary registration. Paper to ready registration
  • Then you ready to experience your camper van life

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