Australian luxury Caravans


Aussie land RV is inspired to sell quality luxury caravans made in Australia with Australian quality products, materials, and workers. Our building caravans experts are here to make sure quality caravans are built in the manufacturing units to deliver luxury, quality and good price camper vans .our factories do maintenance and extras for our customers.

Caravan dealership

Luxury caravans for sale made of strong chassis designed and build in strong structure with Alucom out covering water and weather protected we provide complete recreational vehicles features including shower, vanity, washing machine, toilet, refrigerator, microwave and grill oven, king size bed, 3 bunks for kids, drawers and cupboard storage, hot water, air-conditioning, and a lot more.


Building the caravan

The buyer needs to know more about the caravan and how safely both appliances and trailers have to be operated and maintained.

Building the caravan

The caravans are built on strong A-frame 3 bar 6 inches off-road chassis

The floor, furniture, and buildings are designed and built by carpenter experts in caravans

The electrical and plumbing fittings are done by licensed traders

Aluminium finishing and interior, exterior sealing

Electrical appliances and other installations will be done

Installed units

Chassis : A frame chassis, tandem axle gross weight 3 to 3.7 tn and more

van weight :2.4 to 2.7 tn

suspension: normal suspension , off road independent suspension

water tank: 2-fresh water 95L 1-grey water tank 1

Caravan builders Australia
  • Awning
  • mini grill with cooktop
  • Refrigerator
  • Range hood
  • Air conditioner
  • Queen bed
  • Bunk
  • Ensuite
  • Lounge area
  • Cupboards and storage space
  • microwave
  • audio system
  • Hot water system
  • 18 ft to 22.6ft
Caravan servicing near me

Servicing and self inspections

Maintenance of your RV may seem like a secondary issue. Despite the lack of an engine, caravans and campers require regular maintenance. it is expected to run in harsh conditions when walking your trail. Dust and debris from trucks can get into bearings and pivots. Infinite vibration can damage your water supply and gas. Electrical and waterproof issues can occur in the process.


  • Running gear (brakes, bearings, suspension, coupling, handbrake and chassis). Even better, if you have a service handbook – rare, we know – it will outline what should be addressed and when.
  • Seal condition. All external seals around windows and hatches should be inspected regularly.

check for wear to bearings

*make sure tyres are inflated correctly

*check handle breaks operate Smoothly

*check wheel rims and tyres for signs of wear

*check the jokey wheels operate


*check the safety chains for rest

To know more please give us a call

Servicing and self-inspections

Towing Vehicle:

In your manual you will find the braked maximum towing capacity of your vehicle. This is the maximum weight your vehicle can tow.

Tow ball:

You will need to know the maximum weight that can be applied to the tow ball


The Aggregate Trailer Mass (ATM) is the most your caravan can weigh when it is fully packed up and ready to go.

Once you know your towing capacity, packing and calculating the weight of your rig will become easier each time you travel.

Keep Your Caravan Awning, windows safe:

One of the most common caravan repairs are to caravan awnings. Keep a watch on the weather forecast if you are going to be away from your caravan and before going to bed in the evening.

In really windy conditions, the awning can end up wrapped over the top of the van, causing considerable damage. If windy weather is forecast, close your awning and be aware that heavy rain can also cause damage.

Also, make sure the windows and doors are locked while you tow.

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